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Deep cleanse Facial


Deep cleanse Facial

A 45 minutes treatment include double cleanse, Exfoliate, tone, steam, scaling fluid to extract blackhead and nourishing mask according to skin type. We use camomile mask for sensitive skin, kaolin mask for oily comedogenic skin and Sulphur for acne congested skin.

Charcoal facial

A 1 hour facial is especially design to enhance the skin reticence and promote a smooth, clear skin. Activated-charcoal can help draw out impurities while also exfoliating your skin unclogging and minimizing the appearance of pores.

4 Charcoal Facial

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Hydro o2 Facial

The award-winning hydro facial consists of 6 steps to leave with healthy glowing skin. Helps fight hyper pigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Hydro facial treatment is a non –invasive treatment. Step1: Dermabrasion, A deep hydrating cleanse of the skin using vitamin c and removing dead skin. Step2: Ultra Sonic Scrubber, Eliminating white heads and black heads . Step3: Vitamin infusion, a mixture of powerful antioxidants is delivered to the skin to boost hydration. Step4: Ultra Sonic, Sound waves to ensure the product used penetrate deep into skin. Step5: Radio frequency, stimulating your own collagen production to reduce fine and wrinkles. Step6: Cryo hammer, Reduces any redness and close the pores and keep all the moisture in.

Back cleanse

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Image Enzyme peels

Enzymatic peels are exfoliating treatments that are not harsh on the skin. It uses natural enzymes to peel the top layer of the skin, helps to minimize the appearance of discoloration.

Signature lightening lift treatment

(1 Hour) Our Signature treatment , featuring vitamin, fruit enzymes and hyaluronic acid to fade pigmentation , brighten, hydrate and sooth the skin.